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DS7 E-TENSE Performance Line+

DS7 E-TENSE Performance Line+

Stores’ Social Media Management for Brands

Publieditor is an authorized reseller of the RedHab platform that allows Brands to systematize the activities of their retailers on social media.

RedHab connects the digital communication of the Brand with the distribution realities that sell and propose their products or services.




Induced Virality

If you're wondering how to leverage point-of-sale ubiquity in your communications via social channels like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, RedHab is the answer.

Customers interested in your brand are on social networks
People today have a huge range of tools through which to inform themselves, they prefer direct communication and are strongly influenced by those who are part of their network. In this new context, brands have to reposition themselves in the new media, creating communities around themselves that can be very large.

Intercepting them requires constancy and professionalism
Stores have felt the need to create their own digital image, opening Facebook pages, Instagram profiles and YouTube channels. Often, however, they struggle to build quality content and have continuity in communication: they don't have the time to devote to it and lack the necessary skills to be truly effective.

It is necessary to change perspective
If brands have solved the problem in the past by offering stores tools such as mini-site or newsletters to make local communication more homogeneous, in the case of social networks this is not possible. In fact, the pages are created directly by the stores, which by nature have their own identity and independence, even online.

Homogeneous and professional communication
The RedHab platform allows the brand owner to move in an environment in which he can create individual contents or real editorial plans. This content will be published automatically on the retailers' social channels as if it were original content. Result: a homogeneous communication for all the points of sale realized by digital communication professionals.


What takes RedHab ahead of the competition

An account dedicated to your project
A dedicated person will follow the entire project, taking care of interfacing with the owners of the stores to assist them in the process of connecting social channels to the RedHab platform. He/she will study your target market to give added value to your communication.

24/7 Assistance
We remain co-administrators of the Social pages connected to the platform. This allows a continuous intervention and monitoring of the published content, including any corrections on the posts on the page. It also supports the business owner in case of need.

A complete multichannel approach
Not only social channels, but also one-to-one messaging tools such as Mail, SMS and Telegram. The platform manages multiple communication channels at the same time, ensuring a complete and effective customer journey: from getting noticed to keeping customers coming back to your stores.

Different levels of control
Casa Madre can decide what kind of control it has over the communication of its stores: it can directly plan content on their social channels or "propose" it to the store owner, who is free to accept it or not.

Editorial plans dedicated to specific clusters
We know how important it is to cluster communication. Through the platform it is possible to create editorial plans dedicated to each single cluster, thus making your communication even more effective and efficient.



How does it work?

The person in charge of digital marketing for the brand will be given the function of Marketing Champion within the RedHab platform. Thanks to this function he will be able to move in an environment in which it will be possible to create single contents or real editorial plans that will populate the social channels of each business.
In this way, their digital presence will always be fed by quality content, created by digital marketing experts, without economic and time efforts.

The Marketing Champion will be able to define a specific editorial plan for each individual cluster, differentiating the communication according to the needs of the stores.

This process leads to a "win-win" strategy: the brand is able to organize its digital strategy in the best way, leaving to the stores the possibility to customize the communication.

RedAbissi knows that being present on all the different communication channels is essential to reach all the reference targets. For this reason the RedHab platform allows to create editorial plans for Facebook, Instagram, Sms, Email, LinkedIn and Telegram.

The store can continue, in parallel, to create its own local engagement content, or to tell about its daily life, but it will have an additional weapon: content created for it directly by the parent company that will automatically populate its social channels.

Content for social channels
The contents created by the marketing champion are real posts: it will be possible to upload images, videos or links to dedicated landing pages in addition to the accompanying copy.

An organized timeline
The timeline is the intelligent calendar that contains all the content created by the marketing champion and made available to the distribution network. Thanks to this function, the editorial plan can be previewed by the retailer and will guarantee the brand's digital manager an orderly and effective organization of his communication.

Different levels of control
The marketing champion can decide whether the content he creates will be published automatically on the social pages of the distributors (without any intervention by the store owner) or whether he will "suggest" to them a content that must be approved before publication

Content scheduling
Each content inserted in the timeline will be scheduled at the discretion of the marketing champion. He will then choose the date and time of publication. Once the post has been saved, it will automatically appear on the social pages of the brand's distributors at the scheduled date and time.

Connecting social pages
Each distributor's social channel will be connected to the RedHab platform through a quick and easy process. The owners of the various outlets will be followed by the RedAbissi marketing department until the connection is successful.

Analytics and results control
The results of digital communication are essential to define the effectiveness of a content. The marketing champion will have a dedicated menu within which he will be able to view the progress of his posts and verify which distributors are performing better.



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