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Suzuki Across

Suzuki Across

Press contact management and invitation platform



Publieditor has created a desktop and mobile software solution called «R.S.V.P.» for the digital management of customized invitations to events and conventions in their own or outsourced, full of all the sections needed to collect applications and specific personal preferences of each guest with graphics in line with the corporate identity of the customer and personalised for each event. Here some of the main «R.S.V.P.» functionalities:

  • • custom graphics for the customer and for event with multiple templates
  • • constant master data update
  • • individual and personalized email for each invited guest
  • • possibility of accepting, declining or delegate
  • • gathering for board membership and preferences, accommodation, selection of flights / trains proposed by the various locations of departure / arrival of the guests
  • • collection of personal information (clothing sizes, special requests, accompanist, etc.).
  • • Privacy Policy management
  • • Multilingual management according to the mother tongue of the guests
  • • access to managing across multiple event shifts with free choice or bound
  • • management slot reservations activities during the event (leisure, interviews, meetings one2one, etc.)
  • • personalized e-mail sending of travel documents
  • • newsletter, follow-up and post-event survey
  • • real time mailer statistic graphic dashboard
  • • logistics / travel agencies restricted / limited access for consultation and collaboration
  • • import / export of registry lists

Publieditor offers the events "turnkey implementation services" or supports the client companies selectively on areas of need.

Telephone Recall

The telephone contact activities continues to play an important role, therefore Publieditor will contact all invitees, even after having already collected the online acceptance on «R.S.V.P.» on-line platform by telephone recall.

Location choice

Publieditor agrees with clients the most exclusive national and international locations and more appropriate to the individual presentations and deals with the management of all suppliers necessary to the success of the events organized.




To organize events, Publieditor applies a detailed and certificated procedure. The logistic organization is provided through a proven scheme in which all stages of a perfect organization are shared with the customer for the success of the event.


Materials and give-away


Publiedtior prepares all materials needed for the event / conference to be held in more fluid way possible: badge, QRcode, RFID, press kits, documentation, etc.

Guest management

The assistance to the guests of an event is five star standard: they are teken care for by qualified staff since their arrival and followed at all times by expert hostesses and stewards specially trained to meet any logistic necessity.

Hostess/stewards management

The hostesses and stewards are formed through special periodic training and before each event.

They all get a written reminder with specific rules listed to be followed and respected during the course of the whole event, such as the times to follow for some operations, the move to be made at certain times of the presentation or the information material to be provided to journalists accredited to the event.

Road Books

Publieditor creates Road Books for dynamic tests drives of cars and bikes, including directions, photos, maps, partial and total kilometers, and information on various test drive events for cars and motorcycles of the customer, and program the navigation system of the cars handed out for test drives by guests.

Test routes

As part of the presentations of new cars or bikes, Publieditor chooses, in agreement with the customer, the test of route suitable to enhance the specific qualities of each model, so that testers can appreciate all the products qualities.

ISO 9000 Final Report

Publieditor can provide detailed reports according to ISO 9000 standards, where all the stages and standard operations adopted during the organizing of the presentation / event are shown and explained in detail (models, lists, etc).